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I-Can (Pregnancy Detection Kit)

5 Reviews
Generic Brand Device
Strength N/A
Pharma Form Device
Manufacturer Abbott India
Treatment Pregnancy test
Pack Size 1 Kit/s, 3 Kit/s, 6 Kit/s



I-Can (Pregnancy Detection Kit)

The I Can pregnancy test kit is a very handy tool for women to know whether they are pregnant or not. Since being pregnant is wonderful and joyous news for most women, this pregnancy test kit can help them confirm this joy right at home. The pregnancy detection kit is highly accurate and gives results in just 5 minutes. This device works by detecting the levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Hormone, which is more popularly known as the pregnancy hormone. If a woman has conceived, the levels of this hormone go up and can be detected in the urine. click more : i can

About the Product

  • The I Can pregnancy test kit comprises a test strip within a silica gel packing and a dropper.
  • I Can pregnancy test results are 99% accurate.
  • This pregnancy detection kit in India should be disposed of after usage.
  • The test can find traces of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone in the urine.

How to Interpret

Within a few minutes of your urine sample coming in contact with the test strip will begin to show in the display panel bearing the letter C and T.

  • A single line at C means not pregnant, i.e., Negative.
  • Two lines at both C and T means pregnant, i.e., Positive.
  • No lines indicate inconclusive results, i.e., undergo the test once again with a fresh kit.


  • By detecting the level of the pregnancy hormone in the urine, that is, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), the I Can pregnancy test kit detects pregnancy in women.
  • This home pregnancy testing kit is extremely easy to use and with its user-friendly instructions and guidelines, it feels totally intuitive for women.
  • This testing kit comes with a single-use testing strip, a disposable dropper and silica gel packing to avoid the entry of moisture into the kit.
  • One of the biggest benefits of this pregnancy test kit is that if it is done properly it can detect pregnancy with an accuracy of 99%, which is very close to results achievable by diagnostic labs


  • The I Can pregnancy test kit is used to detect pregnancy in women.
  • It can be used at home or any place that has access to a restroom because this kit requires the testing pregnancy.

How to Use

  • This test needs to be performed on the day of missing a menstrual cycle or later.
    It needs to be performed using the first urine of the day.
  • Collect the morning sample in a clean and dry container and pull 2 drops of the urine into the disposable dropper provided kit.
  • Pour 3 drops of this urine into the small aperture marked with an “S”.
  • Wait for 5 minutes to get the results and then dispose of the kit immediately.

Safety Information

  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Store it in a clean and dry place that is away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Do not reuse the single-use testing strip, the dropper or any other item of this testing kit.
  • If results do not show even after 10 minutes then it’s discard the current kit and use a fresh one.
pack size

1 Kit/s, 3 Kit/s, 6 Kit/s

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