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suhagra duralong spray

3 Reviews
Generic Brand Lidocaine
Strength 5 mg
Pharma Form Sprays
Manufacturer Cipla Inc
Treatment Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Pack Size 3 Sprays, 6 Sprays, 9 Sprays



suhagra duralong spray

Suhagra Duralong Spray is a local anesthetic use to temporarily numb certain areas of the body. It is use as an anesthetic lubricant to insert instruments in the human body for medical procedures (e.g., catheters). It is also use for the treatment of symptoms of painful inflammation of the urethra and bladder.

The most common side effects of this medicine include redness, rash, burning, and itching at the site of application. These are usually mild and short-lived. Consult your doctor if any of the side effects persist or worry you.

Before using it, tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking medicines for heart rhythm problems. Although medicines used on the skin are not normally affected by other medicines you should let your doctor know if you are taking any other medicines to be safe. Ask your healthcare team for advice if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. click more: suhagra 100mg tablet


Local anesthesia (Numb tissues in a specific area)


In Local anesthesia (Numb tissues in a specific area)
it is a local anesthetic. It makes your skin numb. As a gel or cream, it can be use to relieve pain, irritation, or itching cause by a wide variety of conditions. It is generally very safe, works quite quickly, and will reduce the discomfort that might be cause by an injection, having a drip (cannula) put into your skin or a small cosmetic or other surgical procedure.

It is also use in procedures requiring the insertion of a tube into your mouth, nose, anus (proctoscopy) or bladder (cystoscopy) can be uncomfortable and even painful. Lidocaine can be apply to the surface of the tube before it is insert. This will both lubricate the tube and give an anesthetic effect, making the procedure more comfortable.


Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worry about them
Common side effects of Suhagra Duralong

  • Allergic reaction
  • Application site reactions (burning, irritation, itching and redness)


Hold the container with the extension tube aimed at the area of application. To spray, press the button. Allow a 2 second gap between two consecutive sprays. Use it as advised by your doctor or also check the label for directions before use.


it  is a local anesthetic. It works on the skin by blocking pain signals from the nerves to brain. This numbs the area and decreases pain sensation.

pack size

3 Sprays, 6 Sprays, 9 Sprays

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