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Hefty and Stressful modern lives often cause problem in sexual life of people.

it is due to some unnecessary body fluid imbalance and mental stress as per the great ancient science body work on earth, water and fire component in daily life often fail maintain balance between this universal component, fire component is the base and responsible for sexual fire my combusting it with earth and water component erectile dysfunction is often cause by toxic lifestyle and imbalance is the earth , water and fire component. Here , we here provide the best resulting medicine and drug advance , which is  secret essential drug to reform and Transform your sexual body fluids and maintain harmony between the earth water and fire components. In erectile dysfunction, it is often seen that the nerves around the sexual parts and testicles are dry up due to increase in fire component and decrease in water component. In most the cases we have seen that patient are immediately arouse and erect by the smell of sexual parts, this type of erectile dysfunction often cause of childhood trauma and mental hormone imbalance. TYPES OF ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION SMELL AROUSAL ERCECT FLUILD DISBALANCE AGGRESSION ERECT   Avaforce is essential and well resulted drug used in  Erectile dysfunction dryness of micro nerves around sexual part. Avaforce directly nurture the nerves with Boosting the water energy in the body.
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